Thursday, 31 May 2012

More British Chaps - post from the vaults


Some lovely miniatures that sadly haven't seen a drop of paint yet - four troopers and a bugler from Redoubt Miniatures 'Zulu Wars' range - you can find them here - and a chap who may be from the same range (though I can't find him on the Redoubt site) who may well surface as either Allan Quatermain, or one of my projected 'Kaptein Django's Boer Kommandos' who still need to see the light of day... though there are lots of very lovely Zulu and Boer Wars minis on the Redoubt site, it shouldn't be too hard to a) get some Boer Kommandos together (who could also serve as irregular horse and foot for my British Forces if fighting Martians or whatever, as well as characters for more general adventuring stuff, for instance a gamekeeper type for 'Food of the Gods') and b) get some British cavalry and officers... very lovely minis I tells ya!

 I haven't been very good at updating the blog lately, but then again I haven't been doing much painting lately either... Hopefully, these will have some paint on them in the not-to-distant future.