Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Meh, more flags, why not...


This is a really nice flag designer, that can be used for the flags of Imagi-nations, factions or units. Those above are somewhat random (the first is a randomised design that the website generated, the two below it just me playing about). Those below could be the flags of VBCW units/factions - the first a flag of Yorkshire Fascists (perhaps even the Wensleydale Loyal Militia AKA the 'Sons of Hawes', which is what the UNIT trrops/Northdale Rifles are when they're in their VBCW guise); the second is an Anglican unit (I might use it as a unit flag of NW Durham Anglicans and relate it to Consett's sword-making tradition) and the third is an Anarcho-syndicalist flag.

Designing the flag is actually the easy part: then there's a bit of a fiddly process to get the .SVG output to open in Inkscape or similar so you can save the flag as a .PNG. But it didn't take me long to produce the flags above.