Saturday, 12 September 2015

Mornington Cresent 1895

Until normal service is resumed (if it ever is) I'm going to propose a game. This will be the ever popular 'Mornington Cresent' - though as this is the 1890s, we will of course be playing as if it were 1895. Not the rather humdrum 1895 of the Dreyfus Affair, Oscar Wilde's trial, and the murder of the Empress of Korea, of course, but the 1895 of the War of the Ruritanian Succession, the entry of the Astro-Hungarian Empire to the space-race, and the first use of the Galvanic Bombard.

The game will use the standard Tudor Court Rules, with all the variations considered by Trumpington judged as valid, except those that for obvious reasons aren't; there will be no suspension of gambits; and play will be constant rather than sequential, though of course, one cannot both serve and receive without a return. As this is 1895, all currency will of course be pre-decimal, though I suspect most people still play using pre-decimal coinage in any case.

Trusting that such an approach will be met with favour, I will start the proceedings by serving thusly:

Tower Hill.