Sunday, 12 July 2015

Final load of VBCW flags (for now)

The Fictional Flags pages continue to offer inspiration for VBCW: this time, I'm looking at flags for Fascist forces in my NE theatre of VBCW.

This is a link to a page of Nazi-inspired flags. In particular, I'm thinking that the flags of Richard III (from the McKellern movie), the flag of Libria (from the film Equilibrium), and the flag of the Arctic Nation (from the Blacksad graphic novels), would all make good flags for Fascist units. There's also, on a different page here, a flag of the 'Teen Titans East' which looks like a convincing Fascist flag.

None of these are my flags. But when I get round to sorting out my Fascist militia units, these might be some of the flags they could use.