Thursday, 19 August 2010

Well that's the summer more or less over...

I say, it's getting beyond a joke. No sooner had I complained that May was gone and I hadn't done anything, some sinister (and probably foreign) fiend made off with June, July and half of August too! Dashed bally rotters, that's what they are.

My Dwarves in the Service of the Queen-Empress are still languishing in their box... err... barracks, my King of Ruritania is still only half-painted, and I am very behind with my frankly not-very exacting schedule of getting units ready! I'd hoped to get a bit of VSF gaming in over summer but alas, it has not yet happened.

I have been playing some 40k and painting fantasy Orcs and making terrain though so I've been doing some gaming stuff... too easily distracted I suppose. Well, the Atlantis campaign over at Lead Adventurers is getting back on track, let's see if that can keep me focussed on VSF. Onward and upward!


  1. Remember to dust off everything before you break out the paints!

  2. Yes indeed, when I was last painting that volcano hadn't even errupted - everything is probably all very dusty.

    In other news, I've added my gaming buddy Lyracian's blog to those I'm following; if anyone is really interested in my disasterous misadventures commanding the Ultramarines Second Company, feel free to take a look - my forces are usually the ones referred to as 'lunch'.