Saturday, 27 August 2011

WIP shots of my various forces

Apologies for the bad lighting, but in the end I figure that bad photos are probably better than no photos.

This was the state of my painting tray about 3 or 4 months ago, round about mid-May. Since then very little has happened (a few arms glued on, that sort of thing) but hopefully more will occur this weekend (and it'll be months before the pics surface, probably...)

First up are the members of UNIT - the Uniformed Naval Infantry Territorials - who will sport rifleman green uniforms and khaki Glengarry caps, as a nod to the 'classic' look of UNIT in 1970s episodes of Dr Who, as modelled by the second and third chaps in the first column. Part of the point of the photo was to demonstrate the relative lack of poses with the Wargames Factory figures. Two Body types, and two rifle positions, and two head designs, means 8 basic figures. There are a couple of 'loading' arms, and I've used one to make a chap actually loading his rifle (I can never remember if these are Lee-Mitfords or Martini-Henries) and another I've used to give the sergeant an alien or future-technology weapon.

Close up of the UNIT sergeant (Sergeant Benton, I did think of making him Petty Officer Benton but then decided that he could have a Royal Marine rank instead) with his 'Galvanic Projector' AKA lightning gun (AKA laser rifle, though the concept makes no sense in the late 19th century). It's bodged from two bits of sprue, and yeah, maybe it looks it. Never mind, these are toys for playing games with.

Some of my Victorian characters in various states of paintiness - the first two columns are all from Ironclad, third column is Westwind and fourth is Artizan. I tried to show how they all look next to each other but it doesn't work very well.


  1. Good yo see them -and to see you back with enthusiasm!
    Ruritania and Torchwood 1891 complement each other nicely. to have two projects associated is an insurance against discouragement: any progress in one benefits to both, none is felt stalling.

    PS: the 'Galvanic Projector *does* look the part nicely.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, it's always nice to know that people are watching, and I'm not just talking to myself! Real life has been getting in the way a little, but I'm hoping that I can get a little more done over the next few days.

    You're right about Ruritania and Torchwood complimenting each other - to the extent that my mini of Commadore Lethbridge-Stewart is also slated to stand in for Kolonel Kartoffeln-ohne-Umlaut (commander of the Molvanian Jaeger regimnent, when I get round to doing them...), and Kolonel von Schinken-Sanf (Colonel-in-Chief of the Ruritanian Royal Guard) will also double as Colonel Hammond-Mustard of Torchwood. Now to find suitable minis for Professor Plumstock, Reverend Greene, Mrs Peacock, Miss Scarlet O'Houlihan, and Mrs White.

    In other news, I hadn't realised when I set them up that King Albert of Ruritania (third pic, third from left on top row) is in the process of being assasinated by a pistol-wielding anarchist... co-incidence? Possibly not...

  3. Turns out the first and third minis in column four aren't from Artizan at all (unlike 2 & 4, which definitely are), but are in fact from Brigade Games. Ooops! And thanks to the Lead Adventure chaps for pointing me in the right direction.