Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Strelsau Police Issue Photograph of Anarchist Plotters

The Chief of Police in Strelsau has taken the unusual step of issuing a photograph of four men thought to be involved with revolutionary activity among the working classes in Ruritania.

Following the recent announcement by the Paris-based 'People's Truth' group that they opposed the recent campaign of terrorist outrages, the international revolutionary socialist movement has been riven by a dispute between those who support 'direct action' - a euphemism for terrorism - and those who support factory organisations to wrest control of industry from the bosses.

These four men are believed to be from the direct action wing of the revolutionary socialist movement and active in Strelsau. All loyal citizens of Ruritania are asked to be vigilant and report anything suspicious to the authorities!

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  1. Ah, will I ever get my fact checking right? The Anarchist group in Paris is not called 'The People's Will' - that was a real anarchist-inspired group, in Russia, but 'the People's Truth', which as far as I know didn't exist. And was named so because it sounds plausible but not actually real, and I can't remember what, if any, was the name given to the Anarchist group in the Sherlock Holmes film to which this all refers anyway...