Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Apologies and other such fumblings

Well; real life (and also other gaming projects) took a bit of a toll over the second half of last year, but in the midst of it all I put in an order with Ironclad and snagged a bunch of their lovely minis. Some Prussians and whatnot, which will be going to wards my Ruritanian/Astro-Hungarian Empire forces (some for use on Earth, some for Mars...), and few other things.

 And then I got another set of Northstar miniatures for IHMN, this time the 'Whitechapel Anarchists' set. Still havent played a game, but maybe someday!

And I've just put in a Reaper order - mostly for other games projects I have to admit, but including a couple of Steampunk-esque figures - possibly for use as some of Kaptein van Dango's Sky Pirates, maybe - because I had to really.

Yes, there will be photos - at some point; no, none of this currently has any paint on at all.

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