Monday, 26 January 2015

Some VBCW flags

Top to Bottom: Black Order (D. Gray-man); Sir Galahad (Monty Python & the Holy Grail); Kingdom of Symphonia (Rave Master); Southern Cross (Fist of the North Star); alternate Southern Cross flag
OK, I basically stole a whole bunch of logos, flags and badges from the excellent 'Flags of the World' website - specifically the 'Fictional Flags' section here - and made some St George's Cross flags. Then I plonked the badges on the flags to represent some Anglican League unit flags, should anyone require them. If I get round to actually doing some VBCW, I think I might well be using them. The bottom two are alternative versions of the same thing, obviously, because there were two different versions of the 'Southern Cross' logo.

My assumption is that the Anglican League is using versions of the St George Cross. The fascist forces are mostly using red flags with black and white designs in roundels, and the socialists will be using red flags with stars and writing. More examples will no doubt be forthcoming at various points...

Not sure how big these are going to be in the end, they may need re-sizing. Hopefully downward.

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