Saturday, 14 November 2015

Now is not the time

I've been working on a post, to do with Rivets and Whimsy, about Paris. I love Paris, it's a marvellous city and I've spent many magical times there. I was there three weeks ago, and had decided that some of what I saw would find its way into a diary entry from Whimsy, while she is travelling across Europe searching for news of her missing father.

But I don't think I will be finishing it any time soon. I don't do 'historical' gaming because (other people's way of cutting the cloth is different and that's fine) because I want to escape from reality for a bit, and it seems to me that games can trivialise the horror of history. And what happened in Paris is not yet even history.

Solidarity with everyone, everywhere, who is living in fear and desperation, or mourning loved ones victim to the seemingly unending barbarity that surrounds us.

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