Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Fictional Central-Eastern Europe

After an evening messing about with google images and picture-editing software, I have this - a map of fictional Central-Eastern Europe as it might have existed in a VSF late 19th century.

Included are Ruritania, with Strelsau, Zenda and Hentzau marked; Molvania, with its capital Lutenblag; Graustark, with Edelweiss and Ganlook; Leutha, from Edgar Rice Burroughs' stories, and several other fictional territories.

It may have some relevance to the question of what exactly Whimsy's father was up to - then again, it might not.

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  1. Like this map very much, and to see you are a fan of a Ruritania in Central Europe, instead of perched on the mountains above the western beaches of the Black Sea. Excellent choice sir. Great to see Graustark and Axphain there too.

    Apologies for a spot of necromancy upon your blog, but just wanted to note my appreciation.