Friday, 24 December 2010

Look to the Future now...

Sorry, no more gratuitous Christmas references.

It's not VSF, but I thought I'd post a photo of something in the heady future of the 1930s or there abouts - scientifical-speculative fiction for VSFers of course, but due to an imbalance in the Chronic Aether, it has been possible to extract a kind of temporal luxograph... the colours may be a bit washed out (which is why everyone looks grey) but there it is.

These are the members of an elite Investigation Unit of the 1930s... now, to make a 1890s version...


  1. Nice minis,I'd say perfect for the job.

  2. They are rather good aren't they? A bit tall (they're around 35mm) but I'm sure I can get some Cthuloid, Weird World War II and Dr Who monsters to go up against them. When they're painted of course.

    I am going to try to do the 1891 version in 28mm though!