Thursday, 20 January 2011

Steam Devices - now in pictures!

As I said I was going to raid Orc Junior's Space Marine army for some Steam Technology (or at least temporary proxies thereof), I thought I'd share the photos:

First up is a Steam Walker, the 'Goliath', which is an experimental 2-man contraption being field-tested by the Aetherines.

Next is a Steam Tank, the 'Victorious', also being trialed by the Aetherines. I'm working on preparing stats for GASLIGHT for these, ably helped by the lovely Bullshott over at Lead Adventure Forum, as I'm hoping to actually get round to some VSF gaming this year...

Apart from the 'field trials' I hope that I'll also be able to tidy up the paintjobs on these and maybe base the Dreadnaught properly.

Yes, well, we'll see how that goes!


  1. Hmmm, where are the rivets???? ;)

  2. Not many rivets on the Dreadnaught I'll grant you, but the Rhino (I mean the Rheinische-Hessische Industrialkombein Neubau Offensiv-wagen) has some. Maybe I should make more of a feature of them when I do the repaint.

    I promise when I get my own proper steamtanks and walkers they'll have plenty!