Sunday, 27 February 2011

Still looking for Whimsy...

It's not going too well, I still can't find a Whimsy that looks how I want her to look. However, there are some minis out there that have a liitle of Whimsy's look about them.

Front runner for me is 'Bonnie' from the Lead Adventure Online Store - she's a Ratnik design, now produced in white metal and a fine looking mini. Added to which she has a cool comapnion with a big gun. The whole bargain set is only about €8 (about £6?) too - a bargain.

Also a very nice mini (but again, not perfect for what I'm after) is this:

This is from Dark Sword minis - more pictures here.

Sadly, it appears to be $15 (about £10?) and is a bit beyond my price range I think...

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