Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Lists of characters for Victorian and Pulp gaming

Again a lost post (in this case, a lost list). Published August 29th 2011 (list originally composed around September 2009)

VSF characters:

Rt Hon. Algernon Plankton-Mintcake, 3rd Viscount Crumblestone

Lt. Crispin Footling-Twerp

Miss Evangeline Crumpet

Lady Penelope Waldeming-Blumers

Miss Gladys Pratt

Miss Doris Stroke

Gerry Izzard

Cherie Splagoff

Lady Dora Hurd

Lord Dougal Hurd

Kitty Stuff

Captain Horst Van Dango

Miss Daphne Negley-Jaye

These are some of the characters that inhabit Rivets' and Whimsy's universe, at least, their original names. 'Plankton-Mintcake' has become Plumstock-Moncke, Footling-Twelp is now Pootling-Twelp (a nice but dim cousin of Whimsy's). 'Miss Evangeline Crumpet' and 'Kitty Stuff' have now mutated into Whimsy herself, and Rivets' daughter Peggy. Not sure about a few of them, 'Miss Daphne Negley-Jaye', 'Gerry Izzard' and 'Cherie Splagoff' for instance sound more Pulp than VSF. Maybe I should shunt them a generation or so later. Oh well, we'll see...

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  1. Some of these characters are beginning to take shape in my head as a 'Rivets and Whimsy - the Next Generation' kind-off cast - I'm kicking around ideas for a set of adventures centred around the Third Afghan War and the Russian Civil War in Transcaspia. Things may or may not become clearer on that front.