Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Dilemma dilemma (please see poll)

I've set up a new poll. Why? you may ask. Or may not, it's your choice. But I'll tell you either way.

I'm having trouble deciding if my GW Sentinel scout walker should belong to my Aetherines (pilot in blue uniform, wearing Pith Helmet) or my UNIT 1891 troops (pilot in dark green uniform, wearing Glengarry).

So the choice comes down to that - UNIT or Aetherines? Glengarry or Pith Helmet? I can't even decide which head to put on until I know, I can't assemble the walker properly until I've painted the uniform... help me, oh generous souls who come visit my humble page! For without your guidance, I am as an idiot with a sack on his head.


  1. I am a Pith Helmet devote!

  2. Thanks for commenting Alfrik - Pith Helmets currently storming out in front with 2 votes! They are cool certainly. I really like your Rocketeer fellows with the Pith Helmets, they look smashing.