Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Short Red Line

My long-awaited Victorian Dwarves (from Old Glory's 'Dwarf Britannia' range) arrived today - eight rifle-troopers, a sergeant, and an officer. They're destined to be part of my current British forces on Atlantis, in this case a regiment of colonials. The plan is to add some Orcs in red coats and Pith-helmets when they become available from... I've forgotten. Anyway, the Orcs and the Dwarves will be 'combined' in one rifle brigade... and the 'Combined Atlantean Rifle Brigade' will see the light of day (even if it's a bit squinty and bad-tempered about it).

The Dwarves, being short, will be the 'Low'-CARBs; the Orcs are taller. Doesn't matter to the Tommy Lobsters, they think all Atlanteans are Morlocks anyway, which is nearly as bad as being French.

Also the other day a Cthulhoid entity with a squiddy-type head arrived through the post. D'Kuhl the Bathalian is almost certainly not part of the British forces, though he may be a diplomatic advisor or even ambassador of the tentacle-faced fishy-people, who knows? Though he might object to the words of 'Rule Britannia' at some event, causing a diplomatic incident. 'Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves...' 'Schhhhlllurp, I think, squelch flop, that you mean "Dread Lord Cthulhu rules the waves" suck bubble pop squelch' before eating several of the guests. Something like that anyway.

Pictures will be posted presently.

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