Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Polling closed...

... thanks to all who voted.

It's a bit redundant of course, as Alfrik already suggested having alternate command figures for different regiments, which seems sensible. But, for those who did vote, the Trumptonshire Rifles came out top by a long way (err, given that there were only 7 votes. But 4 of them were for Trumptonshire).

So, my plan will be to have a Trumptonshire Rifles - or maybe Yeomanry, perhaps I should ask someone who actually knows something about historical regiments what would be the 'best fit' for a name, I don't want to call them the 'Fusiliers' for instance if they wore different hats in 1890 - Regimental banner with a guy waving it.

Thanks again, and like the Ruritania strand, don't expect pictures very soon (I don't even have the figures yet for this bit, it will take some time)!


  1. Could have a Bow armed unit of milita... think The Mouse That Roared movie :)

  2. That would indeed be very striking and unusual.

    However, as I wasn't very clear about what I meant, I'll explain that I have the figures for the troops (the ones in the picture are mine), but I don't yet have the command figures. When I do, the first standard-bearer type fellow I get will be painted carrying the colours of the Trumptonshire Rifles/Light Infantry or whatever kind of regiment these guys are painted as.