Monday, 29 March 2010

WIP photos

As hinted, here are the WIP photos of King Albert II, Queen Olga (well, she looks Russian in that hat, so why not?) and Colonel von Kartoffeln. Oh, how I long for umlauts. Not sure if Olga is Queen of Ruritania however. She might be Queen of Molvania; or she might be Grand Duchess of Fenwick for all I know.

With them is a random cowboy who will likely become an adventurer or possibly sky pirate. I might call him 'Lee Scoresby' in homage to Philip Pullman's Texan balloning hero. He may or may not have something to do with 'Rivets and Whimsy', it's too early to tell.

Obviously, they're not finished, but don't hold your breath, because it'll take me ages and they still won't look very good. The main reason for posting it is to show off the mustard-yellow jackets on the King and the Colonel. These are the kind of colour I plan on painting the Ruritanian Infantry.

Models: the cowboy is by Artisan, the others from West Wind.

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  1. If Queen Olga has the typical intermarriage historical family, she could be a countess or duchess in Ruritania also. Dont forget there are probably several nephews and nieces that would also tie her to that country. Then there is the dark closet not-so-nice relatives.... wanted for crimes and evil deeds. Who actually flaunt their freedom etc. Nice type of people to put in the crumbling cliff side castles of Ruritania, where they use their creations to raid hither and yon.

    Just a few thoughts.