Friday, 12 March 2010

Soldiers of the Queen...

Right, these are photos of my British Line Infantry, lovely pieces from Ironclad, painted (and photographed, I hope he doesn't mind me using the photo, I'd better ask him) by the lovely and talented Majorsmith from the LAF.

British Line Infantry - Ironclad 2

British Line Infantry - Ironclad 1

I'm not sure if that's the good Major standing at the front, I don't see any reason why not (or maybe his great-great Grandad). So from now, it's Major Smith of the... now, I never did work out what fake regiment they should be from.

I'm currently torn between having these chaps related to Walmington-on-Sea (home of 'Dad's Army'), Melchester (for that 'Roy of the Rovers' feel) or Trumptonshire. They do rather resemble 'the boys from the Fort', with their Captain Snort and Sergeant-Major Grout (or 'Marginator Grout' as I called him as a child).

If you don't know what I'm talking about, there should be a link to the Trumptonweb on the left somewhere.


  1. Different Command Figure so that the unit can switch to who ever you want to be in command of it at a given battle would seem to fix your dilema :)

  2. I hadn't thought of that - good plan!

    However, it wasn't really from a tabletop point of view that I was thinking, but writing the background.

    But of course, your idea works equally well for that, for what is your idea but a practical application of 'all of them, depending on circumstance'? In other words, why should I limit myself to one fictional regiment in my VSF force, when I can have three?

    Of course, only a small number of men from one regiment are likely to appear on the table, but that doesn't mean that just out of shot, several more fictional regiments of redcoats are not readying their Lee-Mitfords (or whatever they have). Nice one, I think you've just cracked it Alfrik!