Sunday, 21 March 2010

Sinister doings in Ruritania pt 2

Well I actually managed to get some paint on some figures today, alonside helping No. 2 Son paint some cheap plastic skeletons, I started painting up some of my Ruritanians, and an American cowboy-looking chap who will be some kind of gun-toting adventurer in forthcoming VSF. I hope.

Photos I hope will soon appear. Not that any of the figs are actually finished yet; but I have a Ruritanian Colonel almost finished, in his splendid mustard jacket and black trousers; also, I've painted quite a lot of the Tsar Nicholas figure. Until I work out when he fits into Ruritanian history I'll call him King Albert II. I suspect he's king about 1905, but I could be wrong of course. It is perhaps he who is on the throne when Ruritania absorbs Grand Fenwick. Perhaps not...

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