Friday, 12 March 2010

Things in the post

Hurrah! I got some new figures today. A parcel came from West Wind miniatures containing the beginnings of my Ruritanians (hey if we've got Atlantis in 1890, why not Ruritania too?) - 8 Zendarian riflemen, 4 Zendarian Vampire Slayers, and Tsar Nicholas and family. All are from their 'Vampire Wars' range.

I'm sure I'll be using these as generic German Empire or central/east Europeans as the need arises, and why wouldn't it?

However it's ages since I read 'The Prisoner of Zenda', can anyone suggest a good uniform for Ruritanians? They don't do an Osprey book of 'Ruritanian Infantry Uniforms 1871-1919' or anything...

Hopefully I'll get some photos of these chaps (and chapesses, as there's a Tsarina and a princess in there too) together soon.

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