Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Ruritanian symbolism

So here's the thing. I bought 'Aetheric Mechanics' by Warren Ellis, and tried to glean some info about Ruritania from it, specifically iconography. In it, the insignia of the Ruritanian aircraft and giant war machines seem to be:
1 - a dark (maybe black) St Olaf's Cross;
2 - a 'flag' divided vertically, with the right-hand half further divided horizontally; the two right-hand quaters appear dark, but not as dark as the very thin lines that divide these sections, so I'm assuming the dividing lines are black and the right-hand sections are green and red; in the left-hand half, on a light background, there is the outline of what looks like a dragon eating a person, surmounted by 3 'ball' shapes and a crown - all are in light colours, so I'mm assuming gold on white.

This one may get a picture at some point, but it's pretty odd anyway.

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  1. Suggest that to fill in details on the unit symbols, sleep deprivation, to much soda or beer while remaining awake, squint and then draw them on paper with colored pens.. then crash and sleep for 16 hours! Love when a Plan works....