Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A bit of housekeeping

As I've re-activated my old D&D campaign (at least, I'm ploughing through my old notes and attempting to cudgel them into order) I also thought it might be time to do a little housekeeping on the blog - as some time ago, the excellent 'Big List of RPG Plots' by S. John Ross of Cumberland Games went down, and I was looking for it to help with my general DMing activities.

Turns out that it's moved so I've put in the link to the current site - it's really worth checking out whether one plays old-school fantasy, sci-fi games, VSF, Pulp or whatever other genre one can imagine. Pretty much all the plots you could think of are listed with common and not-so-common twists and complications; also included are some suggestions about how to combine plots and move from one to another. A great resource to stimulate the gaming imagination. Please take the time to visit it and take a gander at the other Cumberland Games stuff while you're there - including various free downloads which I'm sure I'll be taking advantage of!

While I was sorting that out, I also took the opportunity to delete the Universal Engineering forum from the links list. It was hacked some time ago, and account details were pirated. I certainly ended up with a virus on my email account which originated the day after the forum was hacked and I can't help thinking the two things were related. The forum has now either moved or just ceased, there's no forum at the address I held anyway. Sadly Universal Engineering never really took off; conceived as a 'TerraGenesis for vehicle makers' - specifically, I suppose, sci-fi vehicles - it never attained the critical mass of modellers necessary to become a self-sustaining community in the way TG did. Partly, I think, because TG already had a huge library of articles and photos before it became a successful forum. UE didn't have that and never acquired it.

Hopefully, a new attempt to do something similar will be more successful... who knows? I'd certainly like to be able to go to a forum dedicated to the art of turning shampoo-bottles into grav-tanks and building cardboard dirigibles... it might help me to sort out one of the modelling projects I'm currently working on, some 'squad cars' for my 'space police' - 

Jo, Bo, Ho and Flo Judoon, Intergalactic Enforcers

- some Judoon from the Dr Who magazine that really need some transport. I'm sure they'll turn up at some point to bother my Torchwood and UNIT chaps... but maybe not with their hover-cars.

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