Saturday, 16 June 2012

Peculiar female sky-pirate sighted...

Apologies first off for the bad picture quality - by the time I'd realised that the first two were a bit blurry there was too much superglue to pull the bits apart and photograph them again. My latest acquisition - from one of the very nice chaps over at Lead Adventure Forum - is this... a mini of Captain Victoria Hayley, Warcaster of Cygnar in the Iron Kingdoms... from the world of 'Warmachine' by Privateer Press.

She was in two bits when I got her - in attempting to put the body on a base the torso became seperated from the legs... who knew that would happen?

And here she is in the flesh (or rather metal): half Amazonian Warrior-Queen, half psychedelic cowgirl, those are definitely goggles on her head and thus she is without a doubt a ski-pirate. Probably a confederate of that dashed Captain Van Dango and a deadly enemy of Rivets and Whimsy. Kinda fitting that I should get one at last, as I've spent quite a lot of the last couple of years drooling over those Warmachine minis and indeed getting the rules from my mate Rob was one of the things that prompted me to start the blog in the first place...

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