Monday, 25 June 2012

My first Brass Goggles...

Sky Pirate Work In Progress shots

The first is the mini (a Warmachine Victoria Haley) when I received it from snow_base_Gaz - he'd done most of the work already!

But there was work on the head - hair, face, goggles - that needed doing so I gave it a go.

My first pair of VSF goggles and I like the way they're looking.

Not so impressed with the hair though - it turned out a bit more purple than I thought it would.

A few bits to touch up on the staff and I really ought to make it clearer she's wearing gloves (I haven't just forgotten to paint her fingers), that might help somewhat. Otherwise, it's just finishing the face; then the base and she's done, the first of my Sky Pirates who will serve as Rivets' and Whimsy's real adversaries...

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